Sunday, April 26, 2015

Open Season

Drought abounds here in the Twin Cities. The temps are crawling up. We desperately need rain because there wasn't much snow this past winter & we haven't had much in the way of April Showers.  

I have a really good head start on my deck garden - started a few seeds in early March. The progress is rewarding... we had a late crop of some varieties of Tomatoes last Summer & Fall because I waited a bit too long to start the seeds. 

Not everything I planted sprouted though - live & learn. I'll know better not to pair certain things that sprouted early (tomatillos & various types of tomatoes) with seeds that need more time like Peppers, Parsley, Peas, Broccoli, Celery, Spinach and a number of other veggies.

Planting a few of some seeds because I wasn't sure which would sprout. No doubt I'll do that again - no guarantee how much of which seeds will germinate.

Pictured below are the Black Krim, Hillbilly, Yellow Pear, Garden Peach, Roma, Super Sweet 100s, Honey Delight, Tomatillos & the one Austrian Winter Pea that sprouted out of 12 (yes that made me very sad.)

I'll blog the progress as the weeks go by.  It may be a couple more weeks before we no longer have lows in the 30's & I can move these babies to containers out on the deck.

One of the things I love about Spring is the opportunity to re-fresh our home decor, including finding new ways to utilize & display pieces I don't use that often. 

This pitcher is from the now defunct Taste of Home Entertaining line. Unfortunately I am not the Multi-Level Marketing type & never did much more than sign up to sell it, then buy a few pieces for personal use at a discount.  The kitchen window view I put on Instagram just didn't do this simple & classic arrangement justice, so I brought them outside into the sunshine.

But it's Sunday & with our beyond crazy schedules, I've skipped a couple of weeks, so check in with me next week for a 5 minute Stream of Consciousness brain dump...