My NPC Days

Last updated January 4, 2012
$30,000 worth of props on loan 
for our stage that year. Incredible!

National Physique Committee of the USA (aka NPC)
Minnesota District Committee
*indicates a volunteer position

2003 to 2006     MN State Chairperson* (formerly Vice Chair*, Secretary*, Event Scorer*) and Co-Promoter 2003 - 2006 NPC Mr./Ms. MinnesotaSM State Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships; Was also State Chairperson for North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana & Wyoming

1998 to 2002     Secretary*, Treasurer*, Event Scorer* and Co-Promoter 2002 NPC Midwest Iron Man/Iron Maiden Bodybuilding & Fitness/Figure Championships

  • Supported the National Physique Committee of the USA and helped to grow the athlete base.  
  • Built awareness of, and encouraged involvement in, the amateur competitive sports of Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure. 
  • Made contacts within the national health & fitness industry, as well as mainstream media and businesses, to sell show tickets and sponsorships, plus gain national exposure for our annual event.  
  • Brought in & hosted nationally known IFBB professional guest posing talent to appear at the event.

Here are a few samples of the national press coverage & show posters for my past National Physique Committee of the USA events

Minnesota Physique Association
*indicates a volunteer position
1996 to 2000     Vice President* and Secretary*
  • Developed, designed, wrote articles for, edited, & distributed a quarterly newsletter highlighting the athletes & events happening in the NPC MN District community. (16 issues published)
  • Generated newsletter ad revenue via sales.
  • Designed newsletter ads for sponsors.
  • Represented the MPA at NPC contest booths.

And yes, I was also a competitor for 5 years...