Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why Mom Needs a Gardener...A Wisteria Lane Worthy One Would Be Nice

For the most part I would say I have a Green Thumb.  I anticipate the start of Spring and eye the new garden decor & usually find a new planter or two that I can't live without. A couple of years ago I began collecting wooden barrel style planters which I love - all shapes & sizes & they anchor my container gardens in both the front yard & the deck. 

I've done fairly well with them, usually putting together arrangements our guests love & think complement our home's exterior.

But I'm not above admitting when I'm in over my head & when it comes to this renegade monster in our back yard, each year I'm at a loss.

I always have to start somewhere & that means a couple hours work climbing in & clearing the dead brush from the past season. 

I then attempt to dig out the stubborn weeds that have found their way into the garden over the years. But in the end along with the good comes the bad. It always ends up looking rather overgrown & unruly.

 I need a professional garden tamer to step in & save the day. What would be ideal is for someone to come in & build a monster version of this...
With something like this to keep the critters out... of which we have many.
But those are just random ideas.  Any recommendations for a reasonably priced landscape designers who specializes in this sort of garden project & are proficient in transplanting perennials are welcome. I'd love for this somehow to be the last growing season where I obsess over this less than ideal part of an otherwise perfectly beautiful outdoor space.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday... I Spy Treasure

The moment Munchkin saw this golf club case, he declared it a "treasure chest" & in his best pirate voice shouted out "Aargh Matey!"

Needless to say Munchkin had fun giving the "treasure chest" a washdown before Dad packed up his golf clubs for a recent trip.

What is an "everyday thing" & what is "Treasure"...

is in the eye of the beholder.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Melsha Unplugged - Feeling Helpless

So much pain, so much despair, so much for hope.

There are times when you look around and see the faces of the needy, the homeless - faces you’ll never forget. Your initial instinct is to think to yourself: “I’m so lucky to not be in their shoes.” Perhaps wishing there was something you could do to change the circumstance in which those souls find themselves in… but you have no idea where to begin.

It hurts to feel helpless - to know there has to be a solution but no one really knows what that might be.

Mothers, Fathers, Sisters & Brothers, not to mention all those with absolutely no family to lean upon… all with no place to call home.  Finding steady work is elusive.  Those who aren’t presently employed need not apply. It’s another form of rabid discrimination. Those that are stuck in this life don’t know the meaning of fair - it doesn’t apply to the homeless. Their lens of the world is warped. Here they stand with no prospects to change their circumstance.

How did they get here - what was the path they took? How did they slip so far. How did they become statistics & how long did it take before they stopped feeling human.

What promise of a better future do these homeless kids have - where will their next meal come from.  Will they be able to keep focused in class or even continue to go to school.  Will they excel or will they stumble?

How can we change this horrific epidemic of circumstances.  Can one person make a difference with baby steps of influential and repeatable actions - one at a time.

Too many are left alone to slip through the cracks. Random Acts of Kindness just scratch the surface of need. To be most effective, solutions need to be long term.

Who will step out & be a voice of the nameless & faceless in our society - who will walk the path towards a time when every life has equal value & everyone who wishes to work will be able to do so. 

There’s a long windy road ahead. Are you in? Or will you stand and watch from the sidelines.  Please consider all the options available to you to help make a difference. Let the stories of the homeless be heard, again and again, so they will never be forgotten.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - LEGO Train Club Show

The Greater Midwest LEGO Train Club & The Twin Cities LEGO Train Club have come together to put on an impressive experience for kids to see with off the charts imaginative builds fueled by decades of experience playing with LEGO blocks.

As we made our way into the old building where the show was set up, a few antique pieces caught my eye. 

Since the show is free to the public, I expected it to be busy. I had no idea what was in store around each hallway turn as we searched for the end of the line to get into the show.
Thanks to the KARE11 feature which aired recently, the lines were unbelievable.

Munchkin played games on my android to pass the time waiting in line.

About a half an hour later give or take a few minutes we had finally made it to the front of that crazy line.
There is no doubt it was worth the wait.

This Water Wheel actually moved.
And so did the trains.

This club member was one of many there to answer questions. He said they could not believe the never-ending lines of crowds the KARE11 story had brought in. They had never seen anything like it before.

The level of detail in these builds was incredible considering NONE were built from kits.

Smoke was simulated, so even Munchkin yelled "FIRE!"
Lots of quirky details like the car stuck in a tree.
Or a hobo on a boxcar

A truly fun way to spend part of the afternoon & hopefully we can go back when there aren't hundreds of people trying to get in. It was a treat for both Munchkin & I both to see.

For more information:
Link to the KARE11 feature story

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