Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Boundless Imagination

It's been a while since I've done a Wordless Wednesday post. Tonight my Munchkin picked out a book before bedtime, climbed up in my lap & said: "I want to 'read' this to you." He chose "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" He has had this book memorized for a year or so. It bought me back to the cassette tape my parents kept of me "reading" which was really making up stories to tell them when I was only 3 years old.

Time has flown & there is so much that Munchkin's imagination dreams up now, so I'm sharing his latest LEGO art creation, a Power Rangers MegaBot. All the characters have been incorporated into one fighting machine.

He also made a Valentines Card for my hubby & I was amazed how orderly & meticulous he was being creating it...

Momma's little boy is growing up so fast... too fast. I can barely stand to watch. Night & day changes happening so quickly. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Caught Up In A Twist Of Fate

So, I'm back from my hiatus from #SOCSunday posts & blogging in general.  I was not feeling the desire to write after last weekend's tragic event. I was SO pulling for Whitney Houston to be successful, not to mention get her life & career back in order, but fate had other ideas and so did the consequences of some of her actions.  I pulled together some videos & images of her on a Pinterest board that helped me start processing the raw emotions I felt as the news broke of her death. 
I wish her family strength & hope, offering up my prayers as they deal with the reality of living life without her.

February has also been a busy month as far as "family" is concerned & like so many of us - family is my priority. But I can see the light at the end of the congested tunnel, so with a bit of a rest coming due to the holiday weekend, I'm sitting down to write again. 

Today’s (Optional) Writing Prompt:
What’s your take on fate? Does everything happen for a reason?
Are we in control of our own destiny?

How many of us could imagine our lives being any different that they are today. It's difficult isn't it? Life is a series of events that result in a series of consequences. Some of those events, in my opinion,are a result of "fate" - totally out of our control & almost predetermined in a way. However, the manner in which we respond to those happenings is all our own doing.  How else would you explain people who have cheated death in some way only to meet an untimely & premature death under totally different circumstances.

I do believe in "fate". That things in our life don't just happen, but that everything in our universe has meaning & a purpose. Everything truly does happen for a reason.  At least in my life so far it appears to be true.  

In my own life, I escaped multiple rounds of layoffs over a period of years leading up to a merger - I even worked on the due diligence team who prepared in secrecy the case to have our company purchased. I earned a retention bonus because they wanted me to stay into the new regime but then eventually, 4 years later, as the restructuring continued & they had "picked my brain" as much as they wanted so-to-speak, my number too came up. I faced the layoff situation I had so expertly avoided in the past.  It was probably fate. Some might say I just "held fate at bay" until the inevitable finally happened. You could also say that I believe in "conscious consequences".

The choices we make are important. The older we get - the more important they are obviously - less of an opportunity to turn the tide in a different direction. The fact that my husband & I are together is because I had the nerve to go up and initiate a conversation with him after months of "checking each other out." He admits he was too chicken to talk to me, since he wasn't sure I was even available. Working in a health club, I knew & talked to so many people.  I do, however think that him coming to work out at the club where I worked could only be described as fate.  The rest is history ~yes, the result of "conscious consequences".

So if it's possible for fate to co-exist with some control over our destiny - that's where my beliefs land. Life thrives on both elements working together.

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