Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spring Plantings - Triumph over Winter

It's Memorial Day Weekend & the Garden Center & Mpls Farmer's Market were packed with people ready to stock up on things for their Spring planting.

  Half the fun for me is building new arrangements each year.   
No offense if you prefer the pre-made variety.  
;  )

 I started my floral containers a few weeks back, but added a couple more elements this afternoon to each of the pots.

Adding to the things I bought at the Farmers Market on the Nicollet Mall last Thursday I completed 90% of what I wanted to plant today:

Sweet Basil, Lemon Basil, Spearmint ~ Alpine Strawberries & Junebearing Strawberries

 Arugula, Buttercrunch Lettuce, Bistro Blend Lettuce & Parsley

Red & a Mixed Variety of Bell Peppers

Heirloom Tomatoes

Rosemary & Thyme

Nothing quite as satisfying as kicking Winter to the curb for a while & enjoying the textures, smells & color in your garden! We already have chives in another area in the backyard.  It would also be fun to find a place to plant pumpkins. However, a few more tomato plants & perhaps some sugar snap peas (curious to try) & my deck garden will be complete - "out of reach" for the numerous critters that frequent our backyard.

What are some of the things you love to plant in your gardens each year?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Best Kept Secret - Raising Peter Parker

I drove home from the office on Monday to find none other than Peter Parker riding a bike around our culdesac.

Yes, he's for real. A best kept secret...

& I'm raising him ;  )

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Munchkin & Mom LEGO Adventure #4 - LEGO KidsFest

It's been an eventful year of play dates for Munchkin & Mom with LEGO themes.  Earlier this year we went to MOA to the LEGO store for the first time. Next came a trip to the LEGO Train Club's Open House, then the Children's Museum, which has a LEGO exhibit running all summer.

It was fitting that I learned of LEGO Kidsfest a couple of months ago via Twitter.  They were running a Groupon type deal, but by the time I heard about it - the deal was sold out.  I went online & found the tickets for sale. Since I knew hubby would be in full-on golf mode it would be a perfect Saturday morning playdate for Munchkin & I to attend.  

Yesterday's marathon morning rainfall was the perfect excuse to be inside for hours & we were not disappointed. Here's a sampling of our favorites:
  • Construction Zones
  • Monochromatic Builds
  • Ramp Races
  • Model Museums
  • & Much, much more


How much is "A Lot of Rain"?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - LEGOs, Chalk & Endless Imagination

How "Daddy Play With Me"...
quickly evolved into a major real estate development going up on our driveway.

All it took were some LEGOs, Chalk & Endless Imagination.
 Munchkin the designer/architect drew up "the plans" & directed while Daddy did the drawing.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Blast From My Past Made It To YouTube

I have this somewhere on VHS & the quality isn't the best, but this was so much fun to make back in the day with Teri Mayers & a bunch of people I used to take dance classes with at her studio. 1993 to be exact ;  )

Cheesy you say? Looking back after all these years, yes indeed! But if you look closely you might recognize a few folks including Gary Lumpkin, Steve Cochran & a young lady who was on ABC's The Bachelor a few seasons back.

Walter Orange was a total sweetheart & the following interview starts with him performing the drum track from Brick House - incredible stuff - he's a very talented drummer.

Minneapolis Loves A Good Food Truck Vendor

@Smack_Shack was one of only eleven food-truck vendors allowed to operate in Downtown Minneapolis last year.
This was last year's @Smack_Shack location on 1st Ave. N. & 4th St. N. in the Warehouse District of Downtown Minneapolis, quite a long haul from my office so I only made it there once :  (

Needless to say that virgin taste of the Lobster Roll, filled with a quarter-pound of fresh, shelled lobster & a bit of cucumber left me wanting more...
New expansion approved by the Minneapolis City Council allows food to be sold curbside in pre-approved locations. When Spring came & @Smack_Shack began to tweet about their trip out East to sample foods & get ideas for new menu items I was filled with anticipation for them to announce they would open soon.

Their current location is between 6th & 7th on Marquette outside the Wells Fargo building. So convenient... perhaps a little too convenient!

A very happy customer who didn't wait for her friends to get their orders before digging in right there on the sidewalk!

I ventured over too late on my 1st trip of the Spring & they sold out of the $12 Lobster Rolls before I arrived, so I tried a Shrimp Po'Boy instead. I've been a shrimp addict almost since birth or as least for as long as I can remember. This version of a classic Louisiana sandwich truly hit the spot. Their seasoned fries are also very good & $2 gives you a generous portion you can share with a friend.
My 2nd trip of the season was with a blogger friend. We knew to get there early so we arrived 30 minutes after opening. They still had plenty of menu selections left, so I enjoyed a Lobster Roll. It is one sandwich they serve on toasted bread instead of a French bread roll.  (Don't ask me why... not really sure, but it was delicious either way.) 

Everyone raves about the large chunks of lobster meat & lack of needless fillers, plus they wouldn't think of saturating it with a ton of mayo.  It's a beautiful thing really.
Trip number three! - There was yet another new waitress braving the elements to take orders. My luck each time I've visited there has been a brisk chill in the air & you are standing outside waiting for your order to be made for a while. (So worth the wait!)

I'm committed to eating my way through the menu at this point. I heard on Twitter they sold out of a new sandwich option which they were trying to decide whether they should keep on the menu, I of course was curious.  

Within 45 minutes on Thursday they sold out of the $12 Soft Shell Crab Po'Boy, so of course the next day I had to go check out what the fuss was about.

If I had to rank the three sandwiches I've tried so far it would go:
#1 - Lobster Roll
#2 - Shrimp Po'Boy
#3 - Soft Shell Crab Po'Boy
however, I encourage you to go & check them out for yourselves. You'll be happy you did.

Update: June 18th
Here is an alternate location near Target Headquarters where on Thursday mornings they also sometimes serve breakfast.

Update: July 9th

I love that Smack Shack continues to try new things on the menu to keep the lunch options fresh for those willing to stray from the lobster roll.

It was pretty good - slightly different texture - not at chunky, but still full of flavor.

The next day they decided to improve upon the crab roll even further...

Giving me yet another reason to visit!

To find more out about them, visit their website at

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