Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Settling into Our Home

This week I'm back in the saddle of the Stream of Consciousness Sunday horse.  I rarely have the time & energy to write during the week these days, so on the weekends five minutes isn't often enough.  I had a challenging week emotionally, so I did take the time to post on my Tumblr instead, leaving room for this #SOCSunday challenge today.

Today’s (Optional) Writing Prompt:  
How do you feel about where you live?

I grew up knowing exactly what I wanted in the home I would call my own when it came time for me to buy.  I've had the opportunity only twice - the rest of my time spend either in apartments or properties other people chose for investments.

My first purchase was with an ex-fiance. We were fortunate enough to be on the same page, both deciding custom new construction was the way to go. It was one of the most fun experiences of my life getting to literally choose everything that went into the home. We modified the floor plan to meet our need for open living. I even designed a window, which they made from my drawings. I also sketched out our kitchen layout from which they made our custom cabinets to fit. The process fuels my love for interior design, & if you've ever seen some of my Pinterest boards, it will all make sense.

When that relationship went South I was the one who left & I left what at the time was a dream home - one I had poured my heart & soul into.

Fast forward to when it was time for my new fiance & I to shop for homes. We looked at so many & thought we found something perfect but were outbid due to a realtor playing both sides of the sale. The next home we would look at was anything but a dream home but it sat on a great lot with a culdesac, had a fabulous back deck & lovely mature landscaping. My now hubby totally fell in love with the "manscape."

Inside there was an unusually wide foyer & lovely hardwood floors. There was potential to finish the walkout basement & it had some rather unusual accents including dark wood beam ceilings. Vaults on the main level as well as in the upper level. Four floor to ceiling Mankato stone walls were a focal point in the center of the home. It had a main floor laundry & two fireplaces.

It had more cons than pros since so much of the decor was stuck in the eighties. There were no six panel doors, two ugly wallpapers in the master & an odd custom door design on the cabinetry throughout. There's laminate in my kitchen & cultured marble in my baths. The light fixtures were either builder basic wood or vintage danish design. There was way too much brass & the kitchen appliances were dated.

In my eyes it was a total ugly duckling but I settled & we bought it. With time & a whole lot of money we would be able to turn it into something I would learn to love for our family to grow & live in.  Everyone who visits our home loves the time they spend here. Extended family & friends are never in a hurry to leave.  Now that the basement is finished it's spacious & has an unusual warmth about it. One of my Mom's girlfriends even called it "well appointed", so I must be doing something right when it comes to the decor.

While we are well on the way to updating our space and the list of completed tasks is growing, I'm far from satisfied. I do have a lot of patience. What I can admit is it's certainly a home we are very proud to say is ours. My son can't imagine any place else as his "home" and frankly neither can I.

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