Photo Gallery

 Last updated June 7, 2011

Old & New

Docked & Ready for Action

 Full Bloom - Vibrant Color

Peony Blooms

Plenty to Share

Blueberry Beginnings

Pre-Berry Flowers Taking on some color

Stormy Weather - Spring 2011

Picked Garden Fresh

 Summer Sunset

Pre-Storm Clouds 

Love the Movement!

~ Rain Kissed ~

Nature's Rainbow Bounty

Loving how easy the Strawberries have been 
to grow on the deck

Have ideas on how I can transplant these safely for next year?
Please contact me!

The Big Aaaah

The Big Ooooh

Organic Texture

Our Friend Returns To Check Out The Strawberries

Runaway Strawberries

A Face Only A Boy's Mom Could Love

Bright Beauty

 "Ribbit" ~ Can You See Me?

Blueberry Yum

 Sun-kissed and Ripe

Mr. Toad on July 4th Eve
(Amazed my camera captured this shot under darkness beautifully.)

 Hello Mr. Caterpillar

First to Begin Ripening 





Minnesota's "Mountain" Views

Bosom Buddies - Leaf Lettuce & Basil

Right at Home in the Rain

A Day Long Progression Of Growth & Ripening

Vibrant Color

Sweet Peony

Can You See Me?

Bubble Moon

Bubble at Dusk

 Spring 2010

From Our Summer Garden 2009

Part of our lovely winter backyard view.