Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Holiday Wish for this Wordless Wednesday

Were only days away from another Christmas celebration.

Where did the year go?
So many blessings. So many wishes that have been granted.

So much time to think about those who continue to struggle.
So many people who may spend the holidays alone.

My prayers go out to those who have far less than we.
That they be blessed with hope & some peace of mind.
To endure another second, another minute, another day 
- one day at a time.

My Holiday Wish? 

To those that have the means 
to help someone less fortunate 
- please raise a hand.

Not just now - during the holidays, 
but throughout the coming year.

Take those opportunities to give something back.

Because tomorrow isn't guaranteed 
& you never know when you might need 
someone to return the favor.

1 comment:

darcie said...

Well said.
What a wonderful world this would be if everyone just stopped and took a look around once in awhile - the small things - they really do add up to big things.
Here's to a wonderful 2011 -