Saturday, February 7, 2015

Almost Spring Cleaning

It's been months since my last post - June of last year - gasp... it's true. This blog has been on ice - literally, stone cold as I am super busy with the normality of daily life. Work continues to be a constant challenge. Downtime is non-existent in the world of overlapping campaigns.

So while everyone else was busy making New Year's resolutions, I was trying to hold my head above the water - meeting deadline after deadline. In what little "downtime" I can squeeze out, my goal for 2015 is to dig out of my world at home. Reminders are everywhere about purging. There are how-to books, professional organizers, blog hops, magazine articles, infographics - so many ideas.

I started with a few trips to sell both Munchkin clothes & then my old Maternity clothing. A Goodwill run followed with old clothes, kid underwear & white socks & old tennis shoes - things I did not want to end up in a landfill. I have another trip to PRISM planned with a ton more maternity clothes that are in great condition, but were not new enough to sell as well as excess toys that I decided not to give Munchkin for one reason or another. I went through old cosmetics & purged things I've held on to since we moved into this house & tossed a ton. I went through our pantry to remove expired items and cleaned the shelves on the door of the refrigerator. I've rounded up all the vases from around the house & organized them all into a single location.

In the office a frequent tossing of catalogs is due for attention as well as the mountains of mail that needs to be sorted into toss & shred piles. The mountains of papers & receipts are so overwhelming at times, but I'm determined to tackle a little at a time until everything is manageable ongoing.

The needs are endless and this Full-Time working mom is determined that 2015 will be the year I finally conquer the clutter.  What are you doing to make strides to purge & keep your home organized?

Need some tips to get you started? Try this Pin from Better Homes & Gardens Magazine: " Expert Advice to Tame Clutter":

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