Sunday, March 15, 2015

Stream of Consciousness Sunday - Rituals

A rare weekend without kid sports is coming to an end. Last weekend was the finale of a really fun & busy kid hockey season so I didn't find time to do any free writing.  I'm back - once again at the end of the day when I should be logged into work right now, but I'd much rather chill for just a few minutes more...

So here's my 5 minute brain dump...

SOC Sunday 2015

Our snow is almost gone... a bit early for Minnesota but we're not complaining. Everyone has seasonal rituals. Call it New Year Resolutions, Spring Cleaning, Fall Back whatever you prefer, we all have certain things we do when the change of the seasons come along.

The want-to-be interior designer & personal shopper craves changing things up in our home for the Fall, the holidays & now for Spring. It started out as something for my kid, to create life-long memories & traditions - but now I realize it's exactly those things, but for myself. Often times we wish for things we saw other friends have but didn't...and for me it was family rituals & traditions. 

So when the forecast called for sunny skies & temperatures in the 60's, the rest of the winter decor had to go. Out came the bunnies, the Easter eggs, the linen pillows, a lighter throw for the living room couch and the gardening decor. The look is fresh, much lighter, more crisp, a bit eclectic but still warm. I planted my second tray of seeds & did a little shopping... incorporating a few new pieces of decor into the mix. 

My favorite go-to places for the finds are HomeGoods, TJMaxx, Zulily & sometimes Marshalls. Check out my Tumblr blog & you'll see a few of the fun things I spot.

Overall it was a great weekend, it actually hit a record 70 degrees today - but I'm curious if I'm the only crazy mom who lives for the seasonal switch?

This was my 5 minute Stream of Consciousness Sunday post. It’s five minutes of your time and a brain dump. Want to try it? Here are the rules…
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Kendra Frampton said...

Oh I want to go shopping and hit up those stores for new goods to spruce up my house. And really the weather! It was 72 in Salt Lake today! Amazing! Enjoy the warm!

Kenya G. Johnson @ said...

I'm sure you are not the only one if you live one of those places that has snow. I live in NC so I'm not excited when the temp rises suddenly. We never have a consistent season except summer where you can guarantee it will be nothing but hot. So I'm not excited that today will be 81. ;-)

Rachee said...

I like the idea switching seasons but they honestly sneak in on me. I will change my door decor to the bunny decoration.

Lollie - The Fortuitous Housewife said...

Our snowbanks are finally receding here in Boston, but we did manage to break the "all time snowiest winter" record on Sunday.

I'm not organized enough to revamp my interior when the season changes, though I like the concept. When the season shifts I find myself wanting to get out in nature and savor the change.

all.things.fadra said...

I love shopping for home decor at most of the places you mentioned. And I am soooo ready for spring. Except it snowed today. I'm just really hoping it's all gone by tomorrow!