Monday, May 3, 2010

Embracing Inspiration

As I'm sure is true for most writers, when a source of inspiration hits, you just need to get it down on paper or you'll lose it.  That was true for me this morning as my son & I are celebrating giant leaps toward successful potty training.  It's been a long, long journey for this very happy Momma - perhaps not so much for my son. 

"It is God's will that not only should we be happy, but that we should create our own happiness - This is the true moral." ~ Immanuel Kant

He first expressed interest at 18 months, so he's had the traditional BabyBjorn potty seat since then, but it was really nothing more than a toy. Thank God because I could never stomach the thought of having to empty out & clean that thing every time he used it. Luckily, I found a replacement seat with an attached kid-sized smaller seat, which tucks away into the lid. It's worked fabulously for his bathroom. In our main floor guest bathroom we are using a Calliou insert, which he also loves. 

I tried months & months of sticker charts, M&M and toy bribes, none of which worked. My son just recently turned three.  The past week it's been like a light turned on in his little head & it all made sense.  Going on the potty is something he could control & do for himself, so it quickly became a challenge he was going to conquer. At this rate, I'm hoping he'll make the underwear leap in no time. He finally found his inspiration.

So I've been writing about my quest to translate the networking I've been doing this past year on-line into face-to-face meetings.  I've really felt a need to build new relationships outside my normal circle of friends, including many past coworkers & vendors which I've maintained contact with, even though that network is quite large & diverse.  I've taken a couple of baby steps & hopefully with the help of the brain child of Ms. @alexisjbell , who is starting a new Minneapolis job seeker's club,  I'm inspired make a few more good connections. Not sure yet if I'll be able to attend the meetings themselves in person or in spirit, but I plan to link up & meet up with some of the members, when it does fit into my schedule.

"The more you exercise your networking muscles, the stronger they get - and the easier networking becomes." ~ Harvey Mackey

Harvey is an aphorism junky.  A couple of days ago, I dug back into my @HarveyMackay library & after starting to read "Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty" again, it hit me how content from great writers remains relevant over time. Even though that book was published back in 1997, it still has some great truths which are still applicable for today. He says that when you first meet a person, you should immediately be thinking about what you can do for that person, without expecting anything in return. 

If you spend time and energy doing good things for others, I truly believe karma will reward you in due time.  It might not be today, tomorrow, or even next month, but it's destined to happen.  You just need to be patient & genuinely care about people. I know it's one thing in my life I can always control.  So, I'm starting off my week embracing that idea as my inspiration.  What is inspiring YOU today?

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