Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - We ❤ Model Trains (video)

Photo & Video taken in Downtown Wayzata 
The Depot Gardens

For those of you who enjoy trains as much as we do... Enjoy!

If you liked this, you might enjoy the streetcar pics from our recent trip to downtown Excelsior 


LutherLiz said...

You've been to bandana square I assume? We love them too although Mr. Goat's layout is packed away until we have more space.

Monika said...

Liz, We haven't yet, but it's on our list. There's also a train store in St. Paul near St. Thomas ~ Choo Choo Bob's that I'm thinking would be a great B-day party spot for next year. I just love how trains fuel their imagination.

Ronnica said...

I don't care about trains, but there is a miniature exhibit at a museum in my hometown (in Wichita, KS) which is fascinating to see. Plus, one of the buildings they miniaturized is from my family's small home town (with our unique last name on the side!). Anyway, those pictures remind me of that (since there is a train there!).