Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - All About The Cars... Cars 2 That Is

What would I do without good friends?  There's usually some really fun idea that I would have never considered had they not brought it to my attention.  Such was the case with some photos I ran across on Facebook previewing the Minneapolis Auto Show.  

Yes, you read right. Something at the Minneapolis Auto show this year enticed me to venture out on a peaceful Saturday afternoon (with my Munchkin) to check it out.  

Must have been something really good right?! 

Well, even this Mom was pretty impressed.  Munchkin & I really love Cars & because we decided to go, we, along with hundreds of other attendees got a sneak preview of Cars 2, which will be arriving in movie theaters very soon.

We saw Mater
Munchkin was in awe as you can imagine, but refused to pose with any of the Cars guys

And Lightning McQueen

And a sleek looking character I thought was Sally at first, but may actually be new.

They also had the movie trailer running

And once we were inside the main hall, they had a Nascar car the kids could actually sit in & have their photo taken.

A car tipped on it's side so you could see the undercarriage.

A sensible looking little Porsche that this Mom would love to drive

and a little $9,995 trinket for our basement
What auto show would be complete without a garage?!
Mom watching her Munchkin "behind the wheel" for the first time

Time sure flies when you are having fun!


darcie said...

Wouldn't you know it? The 1st year we don't head to the auto show and something totally cool is there? We saw Lightning and Mater at Disney last year - a highlight to be sure!

Monika said...

Darcie there are two days left - you could still go this weekend! : )