Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why Mom Needs a Gardener...A Wisteria Lane Worthy One Would Be Nice

For the most part I would say I have a Green Thumb.  I anticipate the start of Spring and eye the new garden decor & usually find a new planter or two that I can't live without. A couple of years ago I began collecting wooden barrel style planters which I love - all shapes & sizes & they anchor my container gardens in both the front yard & the deck. 

I've done fairly well with them, usually putting together arrangements our guests love & think complement our home's exterior.

But I'm not above admitting when I'm in over my head & when it comes to this renegade monster in our back yard, each year I'm at a loss.

I always have to start somewhere & that means a couple hours work climbing in & clearing the dead brush from the past season. 

I then attempt to dig out the stubborn weeds that have found their way into the garden over the years. But in the end along with the good comes the bad. It always ends up looking rather overgrown & unruly.

 I need a professional garden tamer to step in & save the day. What would be ideal is for someone to come in & build a monster version of this...
With something like this to keep the critters out... of which we have many.
But those are just random ideas.  Any recommendations for a reasonably priced landscape designers who specializes in this sort of garden project & are proficient in transplanting perennials are welcome. I'd love for this somehow to be the last growing season where I obsess over this less than ideal part of an otherwise perfectly beautiful outdoor space.

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