Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - LEGO Train Club Show

The Greater Midwest LEGO Train Club & The Twin Cities LEGO Train Club have come together to put on an impressive experience for kids to see with off the charts imaginative builds fueled by decades of experience playing with LEGO blocks.

As we made our way into the old building where the show was set up, a few antique pieces caught my eye. 

Since the show is free to the public, I expected it to be busy. I had no idea what was in store around each hallway turn as we searched for the end of the line to get into the show.
Thanks to the KARE11 feature which aired recently, the lines were unbelievable.

Munchkin played games on my android to pass the time waiting in line.

About a half an hour later give or take a few minutes we had finally made it to the front of that crazy line.
There is no doubt it was worth the wait.

This Water Wheel actually moved.
And so did the trains.

This club member was one of many there to answer questions. He said they could not believe the never-ending lines of crowds the KARE11 story had brought in. They had never seen anything like it before.

The level of detail in these builds was incredible considering NONE were built from kits.

Smoke was simulated, so even Munchkin yelled "FIRE!"
Lots of quirky details like the car stuck in a tree.
Or a hobo on a boxcar

A truly fun way to spend part of the afternoon & hopefully we can go back when there aren't hundreds of people trying to get in. It was a treat for both Munchkin & I both to see.

For more information:
Link to the KARE11 feature story

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