Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lunch via Vellee Deli

For lunch the other day I ventured the 3 blocks over to Marquette & instead of my old faithful spot, I thought I'd try out one of the newer Food Trucks that serve downtown Minneapolis.   Parked between 5th & 6th Street on that day was Vellee Deli. They call themselves creating food that is a fusion of Asian & Mexican.

I had heard that they served fish tacos, but did not have a clue what to expect.

For $7.00 I tried what they call The Kraken which is 2 "tacos" - a beer batter fish filet topped with shredded red cabbage & pico de gallo, served on a couple of cold corn tortillas.

They all wore tee shirts that said on the back:
"it's not just's VELLEE GOOD! "

My verdict?!

The portion size was small - I almost wished I would have ordered something else to go along with it.  The presentation was good, however I would have preferred to have it in a box that I could close for the walk back to the office.  Onlookers jealously peered at it as I walked back up the street.

The crunch of the battered fish was a nice contrast to the cold corn tortillas & the toppings were surprisingly flavorful, enough so that I though a portion size of 3 tacos would have been perfect for lunch.

I may have missed the boat with my order because as I stood waiting for my lunch a number of dishes quickly sold out: The Dragon Melt ( a Quesadilla), one of their Burritos, and one of the Baugette sandwiches.

It peaked my taste buds enough to go back another day & give one of the other dishes a try as you know a woman can not nosh on Lobster rolls alone!

I did appreciate that they made their social presence known with the Twitter & Facebook buttons on their truck. If your are interested in viewing their menu - click Vellee Deli & check out their website.  I'm following them on Twitter & you can also @VelleeDeli.

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ENNYMAN said...

It would be an interesting job to do the food reviews for a city paper. The Vellee does sound interesting, but I know what you mean about portion sizes (it is too often the other way around) making a meal "just right"... Cold corn tortillas does not seem like the right way to serve the rest, though.

Alberto said...
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