Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Recycling Of Vintage Memories

There are so many things my parents saved for me... for when I had a family of my own but few that I appreciate more than some treasured toys.

The label above I've read they began using about 1974.

You'd never guess that the same kid who has a vast collection of black dolls, many of which were custom made, would also be so attached to her Tonka Trucks, but I was. I remember the Tonka Headquarters well since we used to take our canoe out & go fishing in the lake right across the street.

  Luckily my parents carefully stored away my treasured trucks & handed them over finally when we moved into our home 5 1/2 years ago where we had plenty of room to store them until we started our family.

It was many years before we would have our son & a few years after that before I would let our son play with Mom's metal trucks. 

I would put them up high on the shelves where Munchkin couldn't reach & then after I'd go upstairs my husband would take down the trucks for our son to play with. 

Tonka T-6 bulldozer 2300 Pressed Steel Truck
After a while I just gave in & took them down whenever Munchkin asked to play with them.


I always insist that Munchkin treat the trucks with care & respect the way I did as a child.  Hopefully they will last another 25-30 years or so until I'm a grandmother & can share them with our grandchildren.

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