Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trying Hard to "Read"

Thanks to a March birthday, Munchkin is learning about Dr. Seuss & his books all month long. We went to see "The Lorax" this past weekend as a family. Munchkin & I had seen previews at one of the last movies we went to & were excited when we heard it was finally coming out. A realtor friend was hosting a private showing, so we jumped on the opportunity to see it for free.

Munchkin asked me to find Green Eggs & Ham for him to read after dinner. I have a huge Dr. Seuss collection from my childhood. Munchkin noticed the copyright date in this particular book was 1960.  Older than I am! Apparently they have read this book lately in preschool, because he has quite a bit of it memorized, while some of the sight words, he is starting to recognize & "read."
 First he asked how to spell "Green Eggs & Ham", then proceeded to write it on the top of his paper. Then he decided he wanted to write the words from the book onto his piece of paper & give it to a friend at school who loves "Green Eggs & Ham."
After I convinced Munchkin that it was quite a long book to try & write, he decided on just the last page of the book, where he finally realizes he likes "Green Eggs & Ham".  
"I do so like
green eggs and ham!
Thank you!
Thank you,
It seems like not so long ago he wasn't quite as eager to try to figure out the words on the page & now he's ready to write them & almost read them. These are the memories I'll look back on so fondly, wondering how & when this child of mine started to grow & change so quickly.

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