Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why Suddenly Pinterest Is A BIG Deal

It's no surprise that @Pinterest is capturing the attention of social network users. From Oct 2010 to Oct 2011, Pinterest rose from 40,000 to 3.2 million monthly unique visitors. Then that number skyrocketed to 7,208,409 million unique visitors in December of 2011.

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Here's a great quote from a twitter friend that explains one reason why we are seeing this type of growth on Pinterest:

Agree?  While maybe everyone may not agree, the number one draw to this site for me was it's visual appeal. I've grown to the point where is I'm surfing a website, nothing is more frustrating than if I see a photo or a video I want to remember & then I'm unable to pin it! Web Design matters! 

I am a very visual person who sometimes has the best intentions of either bookmarking articles or printing them out to read later & then rarely find time to do it. I bought all kinds of supplies to start making scrapbooks, however the most success I've has have been using photo sites to build photo books online.  It work for me. 

I also have a love for interior design, not to mention fashion & so I'm constantly finding images that I want to catalog & remember to refer to later on. A good part of most nights are spent adding a few treasures to my boards.

Almost immediately I stopped using Diigo - a popular bookmarking site because I found that I wasn't going back there after I bookmarked articles.  With Pinterest, my boards are organized so the Type A in me is at home, knowing exactly where I files something.  It is my primary visual bookmarking tool.

When I go back to one of my 1st pins it shows 51 weeks ago, so I've been at this almost a year now. Right now I have 19 boards, 1287 pins & 195 likes, 157 followers & I follow 134 people & brands.

Some other draws? 

  • Pinterest shows no favoritism towards extroverts over introverts.   
  • As long as you are limiting how often you do it, it's a great way to pull people back to your blog to a post that you are especially proud of & want to reach a larger audience with.   
  • For Brands it's proving to be a great way to generate traffic to their websites as well as a way to get in touch with their customers & discover what really tickles them & what pushes their buttons. 
  • Pinterest users are forming their own communities, both through twitter chats like #Pinchat & through groups on Facebook like Pinchat ~ Pinterest Chat. 
  • There are Pinterest Linkups & even a new business which sprouted offering consulting for companies on the proper way to reach their audiences via Pinterest.
  • Real stories are being shared on Pinterest & how that story is told will tell you a lot about the person or brand behind the pinning.

You may also find that others really appreciate your taste & that immediate feedback comes in the form of the amount of re-pin & like traffic on your boards:

So whether you're ready to jump in the waters & become a Pinterest Shark or are content to just observe what others are pinning from a distance, it's hard to ignore what Pinterest has evolved into within a very short time. I am firmly anchored in the water & am really enjoying this wild ride.

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