Friday, June 1, 2012

Blink & You Just Might Miss It

Where are the noise makers, balloons & confetti?! This is post number 200! Do I get a virtual high five for that, because it's been really difficult to get motivated to write lately. My theme for the near future is "Back to Blogging" at least until the words begin to flow freely again. 

It's already June 1st & the older I get the faster time seems to pass by. The month of May was very productive, leaving me feeling blessed.

We took a couple of big leaps toward getting our Master Bedroom in shape. The 80's wallpaper is gone. Here's a swatch so you can appreciate how hideous it really was in there:

It was coordinated with this equally obnoxious print adorning the walls of our Master Bathroom:

There! See what I mean?! Totally gross! I gave some hints in my last post, but no photos so I'm including a couple now. 

The Master Bath mini update was the first thing we tackled years after our then two year old Munchkin started the job of removing the wallpaper from the wall, my hubby finished the job. Some new mirrors, vanity lights & fixtures make a big difference.

I loved it & was excited for another big change. Almost 7 years after we moved in and our Master is light years more cozy, warm, grown-up, & serene.  My hubby now calls it "the hotel" & wonders if room service is a possibility. (Not a chance!)

Kindergarten preparation tasks topped my to-do list. We needed to finish the enrollment process for our school year child care & get Munchkin's assessment completed. After two attempts full of angst & disappointment, he finally decided that he was up to the task of sharing exactly how much he knew with the assessor and stopped resisting. He talked faster than she could keep up with. The assessor kept saying "Wow!" and "Slow Down!" He floored her with his knowledge base & remarked that my son had taught her something in light of how successful he was, despite the results of the prior visits. She thanked me for my patience in bringing him back. I was beaming from ear to ear. Munchkin had made me so proud that day.

Munchkin's first fishing trip with hubby was this past weekend.  This child was not only stoked to go, he wanted to be prepared, so he practiced his casting in the front yard not once, but twice after he got his new fishing pole.

In no time he was casting his line very well...

And reeled the line back in like a pro...and it paid off. The little guy caught eleven fish! Who would have imagined. Munchkin had quite the fish tales to share with his friends on Tuesday at preschool.

Over the Memorial Day holiday, I finished planting everything I'd found for the deck garden this year, eleven pots in all. I have to say I did a great job : D

This Summer will prove to be one filled with new experiences for the entire family. I'm afraid if I blink I might miss something on the schedule I should have remembered. So I guess it's time to buckle up... off we go!

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