Saturday, March 20, 2010

Brisk 1st Day of Spring

Yes, today was the long awaited 1st day of Spring.  We had been spoiled with 60+ degree weather for a few days last week, so it was a rude awakening going out & feeling a distinct chill in the air today.  It wasn't exactly warm - kids were out playing in the sunshine, but were bundled up because the wind was COLD!

It wasn't a routine Saturday morning.  We had an alternate plan since my son participated in his very first photo shoot for a friend's clothing line.  We had talked about this day all last week in preparation, but with kids you never know what's going to happen. They are always full of surprises.

Of course DS was bright-eyed & active all morning, that is until we got on the highway, when I could see a little head bobbing up & down in the rear view mirror.  The car was lulling my son to sleep. I didn't want his hair to be mussed up or a funny imprint on the side of his face from his head plopping to the side & pressing down on the car seat straps. I handed him a train to play with, but to no avail - he was out like a light.

Luckily, it was a short car ride.  When I parked the car, got out & opened his door, the Brisk 1st Day of Spring air hit his little face, he was up & ready to walk inside the industrial warehouse building.  My son was intrigued by the old building's architecture along the way as we made our way up the old wooden stairs to where the shoot was being held.

Right away I new we were in trouble.  Dear son was groggy at first after waking from his brief nap. He clung tightly to my leg as we walked through the doorway.  The tall windows were covered to control the lighting on the set, so it was a bit dark & spooky I suppose to a little kid. Fun music was playing in the background & other kids were playing with brightly colored balls awaiting their turn to be photographed.  We got our 1st outfit & long story short - it took an eternity and a lot of cuddling and talking in a private little area for my dear son to finally relax and warm up enough to want to even put the outfit on, let alone have his photo taken under direction of a complete stranger.  A little bribe was eventually offered & accepted, after which we turned the corner.

He was starting to see the fun the other kids were having so he relaxed little by little & by the end of the shoot after a 2nd set of clothes & more photos, he finally said "You never told me how much fun I was going to have." He had made my day, being brave enough to test uncharted waters & to do something he never thought at the start of the day that he'd be able to do.  With my continued coaching & encouragement, something switched in his little brain telling him - "it's going to be okay - I know I can do this."

I'm so glad it did - I am always proud of my son - without question, but today I was proud of myself too for helping him get to that place. Oh the lessons we can learn from our kids about what can be accomplished if we dig down deep enough & just believe. Such priceless joy & wisdom they bring to us. It's a shared experience I'll never forget.

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