Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring is virtually here.

Days like today are why we live here. It finally hit 60 degrees.  Seems like an eternity since we’ve seen so much warmth & sunshine.  No coats, plenty of short sleeves & even shorts came out for some.  We’re less than a week away from March 20th, the 1st day of spring. It’s time for renewal & a rebirth of hope in many ways. Birds are back in full force, bugs are getting in the house, and the rabbits & squirrels are in sight.  Some flowers have begun to sprout in our landscaping.

Spring décor will go up in the house this week – a seasonal tradition I’ve adopted since moving into this home. It may seem silly to some, but it’s those little things that spell tradition for our family.  My son notices every little change I make, unlike my hubby. (  ;

I’m in the middle of “Relevance” by Tim Manners.  I’ve had it forever, but had put it down to start reading a couple other new purchases. He talks about what it means to have relevance in a marketing strategy. Trying to limit the source of product development and innovation to your internal resources is not usually a catalyst for growth or success.

“Relevant brands let their best customers in on the creativity by inviting a conversation. Your best customers can also be your best innovators. Your brand’s relevance is not about what you have to sell; it’s about what your customers have to say.” – Tim Manners

A year ago at this time, my layoff was still fresh & very raw in my mind - I had my resume revised & re-written a couple of times & was looking for more sets of eyes to refine it more. I was just starting to think about my personal brand & what stories I needed to tell about what I had to offer my next employer. I thought my unemployment would be very short lived.  I didn't fully understand how bad the economy was or would get in the months to come.

Flash forward to 2010, I am still fine-tuning the formula for marketing my personal brand. To take this one step further, I’ll apply Tim’s ideas to making my own personal brand relevant to prospective employers, treating this job search strategy like the new season of spring. Employers don’t only want people who can execute what they already do well. They are looking for people with vision & insight for what can make them even better; people with concrete ideas & solutions for solving their problems.

“Frustration is the mother of relevance.” – Tim Manners

My goal is to approach each new opportunity as if I were a best customer or major vendor. By listening to their hot buttons, while researching their frustrations and intimate needs, I plan to show that I understand & epitomize what’s relevant for them in filling the position. Why give any potential employer a reason to overlook me?! I invite the conversation & will ask for the interview. Until I’m successful & land my next career role, I will continue with renewed enthusiasm & vigor in my search.

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The Marketing Mama said...

The weather has been very nice! Sounds like a great book and I like how it's pushing you to think differently about your job search! Great start to your blog, Monika! :)