Friday, March 12, 2010

Knock Knock... Opportunity is that you?!

Over this past year I've been trying very hard to believe that when one door slams shut, another will open for you. I just have to stay patient & keep working toward my goal - to be the big breadwinner of the family & employed again. Ask - Believe - Receive - Repeat.  Those simple words make it sound so easy.

Tonight before bed, my son asked what day it was.  He's been asking that a lot lately.  A sign that not only my world has been turned upside down, but his has as well.  Not that I think he's damaged in some way by what has happened over the past year, but rather that he's getting older & can digest or process more of what's going on from day to day.  

We talk about things going back to the way they used to be when Mommy goes back to work & I have to believe that will happen one day.  I used to think soon, but now I'm not exactly sure.  I just have to keep doing my part to help make it happen.

Ask - Believe - Receive - Repeat. Then maybe one day soon, I'll find my next calling. Or it will find me.

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