Friday, July 9, 2010

Starting my Christmas Wish List Now

This may possibly be the coolest thing I've seen come a long for the kitchen in a long time. Moms, I know you'll appreciate this. Another reason to love Williams-Sonoma ~ The Zoku Quick Pop Maker.  They even offer an "Ice Pops cookbook."  

This gift idea is so perfect, I might even buy one & put it under the Christmas tree for myself so I don't miss out.  I'm betting they sell out quickly. People, do you agree?! Or am I too nostalgic? (Don't you remember making Tupperware Popsicles with your Mom growing up? - They weren't anywhere near this neat though.)

P.S. No, Williams-Sonoma is not sending me a free one to jabber about this product - I just think it's awesome.

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painted fish studio said...

yesterday my co-workers and i were reminiscing about summer treats: how we hated the banana and root beer popsicles, how bomb pops were too big for our mouths, how icky the plastic bottom of push-ups tasted, and how our moms would rinse off the gooey "old" popsicles under the kitchen faucet... man, the old days! so no, i think my answer is you're not being too nostalgic! santa, bring this girl this book!