Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Sidewalk Chalk + Imagination = Fun

"That's you Mommy, w/ the dress on next to the house" said my son.

"1 for Thomas, 2 for Edward, 3 for Henry, 4 for Gordon, 5 for James..."

"Inside the tracks is the playground..."

Got to Our Sidewalk Chalk Railroad 
Happy Summer!


Momstart said...

Summer brings us a lot of outdoor play

Kate said...

I remember this stage fondly with The Teen. He loved chalk and got a huge bucket for his 3rd birthday. We went outside to the sidewalk and he went crazy, drawing all sorts of imaginary schemes and places, and whenever anyone walked by he would look up, smile brightly and say "It's my birthday! And I got CHALK!"

These days we still keep chalk around for the nieces and nephews who come by, and have created some pretty elaborate designs on our driveway as our neighborhood has no sidewalks. It's limiting, but it works.