Sunday, October 17, 2010

Inner Struggles

Fall, much like Spring, is a time when people are spending time cleaning house & purging to make room for the holidays & the year to come. It's a mental exercise as much as it is physical.  2011 will be here before we know it & so many, including me, still have 2010 goals yet to be accomplish.

These past several months being back at work have been a struggle for me.  In life, there are wishes, hopes and expectations, but sometimes the universe has other plans for us & we get sidetracked from the path we feel we should be on.

I've been reading tweets & posts lately where people are having their own battles with life - whether it's trying to fit into a new work environment, struggling with exercise, balancing desire with the motivation to lose weight, relationship ups & downs, meeting deadlines, or for the unemployed, just finding leads on opportunities - we all have our worries.  

"When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on."
- Franklin D. Roosevelt

The grass is always greener on the other side & that peer that appears to have it all together can't possible have the same concerns as the rest of us or at least that's our perception.  Their lives always appear so effortless & so perfect. Most likely their journey was not a seamless one either.  They pushed through their own struggles.

People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built. - Eleanor Roosevelt

What connects us to each other in these online communities is that we find people on a similar journey to that of our own. We observe & we learn, we listen & we contribute.  We read about each other in our triumphs, along with the disappointments, the joys & the pain. We attempt to offer words of wisdom or strength and at times just offer support and reinforcement. 

"The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little." -Thomas Merton
None of us really set out to settle - I certainly don't. It's not enough to just be a survivor. Most want & need to thrive.  We call on patience ~ allowing courage and focus to move us forward.

"I am in limbo of not knowing...My life is not suspended: it continues as before.  The Spirit is undimmed. We cannot expect perfection. We can only hope to continue...The spirit leases a beautiful house in the earthquake zone.  Thanks to the Divine for the strength to be patient." - excerpts from a modern prayer from Mexico City, USA

Here's to digging way deeper than you imagined you could. Make the journey worth the struggle it takes to get to the desired end result.  Remember the angst & stress you feel along the way, so that when you finally do reach your goal, you'll appreciate, value & respect it that much more.


beth said...

Life is about the journey isn't it? Over the years I have trained my mind to not get jealous over what others have, tried not to compare my achievements and failures to others and to stay focused on my path. Great post about struggles we all face in our lives and how we can always wish for more and self improve.

Kate said...

There's always another goal, another day, another something to strive for. It seems like it never ends, doesn't it? Everyone has something they struggle with, some of us are just better at hiding it than others. But we all struggle. We all battle something, everyone does every day. I love how the online community comes around our battles and helps us to fight back, to quietly surrender or to offer hope and support.

D.J. said...

Not only do we NOT want to settle, but we certainly don't imagine ever taking a step or two backwards in the middle of our life's journey. But that's what life is....a journey that is so unpredictable at times, we sometimes need to bare down and reach deep inside ourselves, not just to survive, but to overcome these challenges and hopefully, become a much better person because of it.

Thankfully for me in my recent struggles, I have met some very nice people who have provided me with that inner strength to keep fighting and now I have the chance to start writing about some of them.