Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - A Halloween Dozen from Wood Lake Nature Center

We started a tradition of going to Wood Lake Nature Center annually for their Half-Haunted Halloween.  

Along the Trick or Treat Trail we encountered a petting zoo:

 With some usual suspects & others far less common.

There were also costumes you don't see every day... a man made of garbage, toad-like things & swamp creatures.

  Of course there's more than a few ways to carve a pumpkin.  Here's a dozen we saw along the way: 

Hope you have some fun Halloween events to attend this year. Do you have some favorite places around town to visit? If so, please share & Happy Carving!


Jen said...

ooh, we might have to check that out next year. Is it just one day?

We did a corn maze (at Afton Apple) and Zoo Boo at Como this year.

Monika said...

Yes, it's always just on one day. They do sell tickets in advance & if you have them before you arrive it gives you priority getting in. It's super popular. The line to get in is long but moves pretty fast.

Dagmar said...

Those pumpkins are quite elaborate! Not sure if I'm brave enough to do this yet with my little son.

Dagmar's momsense

ladyinpurple said...

I haven't tried pumpkin carving..we didn't do that when I was young