Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Temptation - Grandma Ruby's Sweet Shoppe

I came home tonight to two boys - one big (my hubby) & one little (my munchkin) wanting to know "what's in the box?" Thanks to @GrandmaRubys Free Fudge Wednesday giveaway on twitter, I was randomly selected & we received some Chocolate Cherry fudge on our doorstep.  

If you haven't tried it yet. You are missing out on some wonderfully sweet pleasures.  Wish I had taste-o-vision to share some with you.  If you'd like to place an order just check out her amazing offerings at Grandma Ruby's Sweet Shoppe.

Here's another glimpse from my Groupon order earlier this year. Please excuse where we dove into & tasted some flavors before I thought to take a photo:


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