Friday, February 18, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday - Reflections of a Nurturer

I was able to spend a little more time than usual with my munchkin this week as he was feeling under the weather. I worked quite a bit from home for a change. Sometimes I pause and sneak photos, just because I can & to remember the things a nurturing Mother doesn't ever want to forget.

Curled up before my eyes
Lies a precocious but loving
Sweet boy - my little man
How quickly time passes

He sleeps so peacefully
His eyelashes so long
His mouth with a little pout
And his toes with a curl

How fast has he grown
How much has he changed
His hands so strong wrap
Around my soft & protective arms

His “You're the Best Mom”
Always melts me
Like mountains of snow
Under the February Sun

His head leans toward mine
Secure under my chin
Cuddles still calm him
I hear every restful breath
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