Monday, June 28, 2010

Living with Passion

For this Monday post, I'm jumping on the Blog Carnival bandwagon which blogger & friend Missy is hosting. The question of the day is: "What are you passionate about?"

A little over three years ago, that question took on new meaning. Being passionate has always meant going above & beyond where I originally thought I could go to achieve my goals. The manifestations have also evolved, including the following:
1. Competing in Track & Field in High School & College. 
Competing in Division III Nationals ~ truly a highpoint of my college life.
2. Being the best ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor possible in my 20's, attracting "Kick Abs" class groupies at NWAC, as well as taking classes from the Twin Cities Aerobics Masters of the day, like The Firm's David Gray and Terri Mayers, not to forget Nancy Anderson.

 3. Being a visible force in the MN NPC Bodybuilding community, competing on stage & volunteering behind the scenes and later co-promoting my own events in my late 20's & early 30's.

4. Emerging as a Frontline Leader in my Marketing career through my 30's & into my 40's.

5. Finding time to volunteer & give back to the community in which I live, whether it's through "Cook for Kids" with my parish or my growing interests in preventing homelessness.

 The #1 difference over the past few years has been the onset of Motherhood.  
How quickly one life-changing event refocuses your perspective on what it means to be living with passion for something or someone. Your child is forever dependent upon you to love and care for them; nurture, teach and protect them.  As a mother/parent, no other job you will hold in your life is more important. That's why it's the role I'm most passionate about today.
I had a wonderful childhood - don't get me wrong, but at times I was envious of the family traditions I learned that my friends had & made a promise to myself that my children would never share that feeling. I'm talking about everyday traditions - not just on Hallmark holidays & family vacations. I compare it to painting mental pictures of our lives which are prevalent & enduring. 

I'm also passionate about capturing these memories we create as a family on film & in video.  There are so many different episodes of life that come and go so quickly, that if you don't protect the memories, they are sure to fade.
Now that you know a little about what I'm passionate about, please take a minute to share your passion(s) with me. Plus take a look at what the other bloggers participating in this Passion Carnival have to say:
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The Marketing Mama said...

Very cool, Monika! I've never seen body building pics of you before, but that picture of your back is amazing! Wow! Love what you wrote about family traditions and being passionate for your family. Would love to hear more about how you are creating those rituals within your family today.

Thanks for participating in the blog carnival. :)

Challenge:1yearnorestaurants said...

Monika, WOW you inspire me. Being a body builder takes heart and dedication and your pictures are evident of that. I envy your commitment to health.

Robin said...

Jumping over from Marketing Mama's blog carnival. Great post and love the pic of the TP bandit at the end. : ) Thanks for sharing your passion for motherhood - it helps give me a renewed sense of one as well!