Sunday, July 3, 2011

Enchantment To Follow

I started reading Guy Kawasaki's Enchantment last night after buying it several months ago.  I'm making a commitment to embrace my blog again and to get back to the exercise of free flow writing. I'm awakening to find my authentic voice one more.

Life, now that I've been back working full time for a year totally distracts the writer in me. I've been so focused on where my career needs to go next & how I can continue to make steps to get there. It's so difficult to find regular moments of peace and solitude to allow the thoughts to flow through my pen to paper, but when I do it seems so much more real and engaging.

You shouldn't second guess yourself before the thoughts are fully composed and edited, I know, however I do it all the time. If I wait to do the brain dump, my thoughts wander onto the next topic and then I lose the base premise of what I intended to write about. The thought then falls into the vast repository of unfinished draft material.  I yearn so desperately to write seemingly effortlessly like Olivier Blanchard, @TheBrandBuilder, but we can't all be so gifted & French for that matter. Blogging for most is a legitimate part-time job.

My best writing is almost always inspired by a revelation, something I've observed or something profoundly identifiable I've read.  To me a great blogger has to constantly & consciously be in search of those sources of inspiration, which can be easier said than done for most working moms, but it is possible.

So while this isn't a book review yet (I've only read to pg.15 as well as the Coverphon where Guy explains how he crowd-sourced to get the inspiration for his book cover art: the origami butterfly), and my Munchkin is snuggling up to me for some Sunday morning "Mommy & Me" time, I'm feeling inspired to get "Back To Blogging" & make July a great month for posting.

Enchantment to follow...

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