Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday - Mom's Night Out

Here we are in my 3rd week of Stream of Consciousness Sunday.  What a stressful work week it was & I was very much looking forward to spending some Mom time alone with my girlfriends.

B.C. (Before Child) I would get out on the town quite frequently for GNO - "Girls Night Out".  In the Summers, Thursday was my night out to relieve a little stress on the golf course.  I had picked up my clubs again after a pretty long hiatus & have been hooked for the past seven years or so. The relationships I built over that time, with my golfing buddies are still very important to me.

This Summer I was feeling a bit guilty about spending the extra money now that the job I'm in doesn't pay any where near what I used to make before I was laid off.  This recession has changed everyone's lifestyles & we are no exception.  I decided to let my hubby play softball & I would forfeit my weekly nights out.

But I miss it...terribly - so when one of my Golf girlfriends emailed & said let's get together & see a play - I was determined to make it happen & this past Friday was my long awaited night out.  
We went to see "A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to The Forum" at the Jungle Theater here in the Twin Cities & it made me realize not only how much I miss "GNO", but it also reminded me of how much I miss going to the theater.
"The musical's original 1962 Broadway run won several Tony Awards, including Best Musical and Best Book." - From Wikipedia

It was a fun evening & a very humorous production. We even chatted with one of the actors after the show who just happened to be my girlfriend's Barista at Starbucks.  He was a brilliant young man with a determined soul, almost wise beyond his years at 25.  He thanked us for coming out to support the arts because without the audience - he could not do what he loves so much.  He even sang a little Opera for us at the table where we shared a drink.

It was a lovely evening away & I didn't feel the least bit guilty about getting home after midnight & best of all, awakening that spirit that says: "I am worth some special away time with my friends... to relax, recharge & to feel like a worthy individual, because I do work very hard both in & away from home & I deserve it."

So basic, but yet so easy to forget.  I'm curious, what kinds of things do you do to take care of yourself, heal & recharge your soul?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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From Tracie said...

I went to a concert on Friday was the first time I had gone out and done something fun just for me in a long time!!

The theater is so much fun, and y'all picked a great play.

Good Girl Gone Green said...

I think it is so important to be a women, a friend, a wife and a mom. I think moms need that GNO times to recharge like you said. Seems like a fun time the theatre. I usually just go for dinner and hang with my BFF....and of course have a beer or 2 or 3...LOL

all.things.fadra said...

It's so, so important to recharge. Sometimes I just need an hour by myself to walk around the mall. Having a chai tea and relaxing by myself can almost be as good as girls night out with a glass of wine. Almost.

And I would have never taken you for a golfer! I'm so glad you started joining us. I've been reading - just waaaaaaay behind on commenting!

CK said...

GNO's are so important! Sometimes you just need a night with women because they just understand :) Glad you enjoyed your night out and I hope you get to do it again soon!

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs time to recharge. Mine is a hot bath in a rarely empty house. Sometimes it really is the simple things in life that feed our soul. A night out with friends, a glass of wine on the patio, a walk at the mall, the theater, a hot bath in silence...

So glad you enjoyed your time out!

Elyse said...

GNO's totally rock! We do bunco once a month and sometimes go out to a restaurant and eat/talk. It is awesome for the soul.

Rachel said...

Mommy nights out are so important! When I feel guilty about spending extra cash I just remind myself that it's only money. My sanity is worth it!