Monday, August 29, 2011

Food Truck Tour Stop: Hola Arepa

Hola Arepa is the fourth Food Truck I've visited this Summer.

They describe themselves as: "A food truck bringing delicious, mostly sustainable Latin cuisine to the streets of Minneapolis." 

A couple of weeks ago my coworker mentioned that she really wanted to try the Arepas at Hola Arepa & I was like: "the what?! What is an Arepa?" You too? Ok, now I don't feel so bad!

So the cornmeal they use to make the patty seems to be a white cornmeal, which I love - I may be totally wrong, but for those of you who need to eat Gluten Free, it's a great way to enjoy a "sandwich" without the traditional bread. It's also a great vegetarian option.


So they will take your order & give you a playing card - when the number & suite on your card is called - it's to to eat. Easier than butchering a bunch of strange names.


My girlfriend had the Pulled Chicken Arepa, which I was instantly jealous of because the pickled cabbage looked like it could have been pretty tasty. She also chose a side of chips & salsa.
Pulled Chicken Arepa - Kadeyan Farms Chicken, Black Beans, Tomato, Salsa Verde & Pickled Cabbage
I tried the Slow-Roasted Pork Arepa with a side of Guacamole.
Fischer Farms Pork, Black beans, Cohja cheese & Special Sauce (I think!)

The juices from the pork oozed out as I went to pick it up to take a bite. I had drizzled a small amount of the med-hot red salsa & I immediately thought I should have added more - I love spicy food. The combination was so very flavorful.  I added another layer by squeezing some of my guacamole over my sandwich as if it wasn't messy enough to eat.

I highly recommend you bring a fork, otherwise you'll be doing a lot of finger-licking as I did.  Grab lots of napkins too. So to no surprise I went back for more the very next day.  It was still hopping - they had brought down an extra person, so they were still turning out orders pretty fast, but there was a line.

This time I tried the Black Bean & Queso Fresco Arepa with tomato & pickled cabbage (yes, I had to try it), then ordered the Chips & Salsa (They had run out of guacamole by the time I arrived.) 

They give you two little cups to hold the salsa, but there was really only room in the little tray for one - I doubt that I would have made it back to the office without a second getting dumped all over my clothes.

It was surprisingly filling for there being no meat.  It was still pretty messy to eat because of the juice in the beans. If I have to choose a favorite, however it would be the Pork. The Vegetarian option could have used a couple more ingredients to add to the layers of flavors. Next time I will add some of the pickled cabbage & a lot more salsa in lieu of the guacamole on top.

I do recommend that people give Hola Arepa a try. It's something totally out of the ordinary & very flavorful.  For the guys you may want to try two Arepas to feel totally satisfied.  For more information, follow them on Twitter or check out their website at

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The Coupon Sista said...

I saw this truck driving by one day. I'll have to make a special trip downtown to try it!