Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Santa List (Naughty or Nice?)


Here's my munchkin making his "Santa List"...inspired by Arthur Christmas. Here he was "pretend writing" and naming off everything on his list as he went along.
The next day, however, he got a little more serious & asked me how to spell everything he wanted to write & this is what we got: 

It's a must see flick for the little ones. I actually liked it much better than Cars 2. We went with a couple of friends this past weekend & the moms had a great time watching our kid's reactions. Be forewarned one of the previews is the Justin Beiber video which is a part of the sound track.  My kid didn't know who it was, but the 5 year old girl sitting to my left told me immediately who he was ;  )

I told him Saturday evening that I was going to download an app that senses whether you are naughty or nice & sends a message to Santa & Munchkin freaked out "No, Mom!" Hee Hee! Naughty Mom! :  )

Happy Christmas Shopping!

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