Friday, November 11, 2011

Guilty Pleasures - Spa Time

It's Veteran's Day, one of the few days that we have as a corporate holiday & I took it.  I spent the morning running errands & then headed to a spa to get a couple of services done after having to cancel last weekend's spa birthday party (for a friend) appointments due to a sick Munchkin. I had a gift certificate that a friend had given me a couple of birthday's back, so I was excited to use it for something other than running in to buy product.

Going to a spa in the middle of a strip mall doesn't have quite the same relaxing effect as it used to when we used to go to a Spa up North in the middle of winter for a couple of days with a large group of girlfriends, but I'll take it. I had a very nice pedicure. Every time I do, I say I need to find a way to do it more often, but it just doesn't happen. Having someone else do all the work while you sit back in the massage chair is almost healing - it shouldn't be legal. Here's proof... I have the world's ugliest feet & toes, so it's just a peek, but they look really lovely now. (I know, I'm crazy.)

I also got a 60 minute facial -  don't ask me what type - I have no clue, I don't even know everything that she did to me except I remember the hot steam & the feeling of the warm towel being wrapped around my face between steps. I requested extractions where they remove all the crud that clogs your pores & goodness gracious I never knew how much that hurts! Do people honestly subject themselves to that on a regular basis?! Thought I was going to cry & excuse me if a tear or two rolled down my cheek. I even caught myself holding my breath.

Contrary to my fears my face was not a bloody mess when she was done - it looked pretty darn good.  Not exactly ten years younger but definitely clear & hydrated. I can guarantee my hubby & Munchkin won't notice anything is different with my face, but my son will ooh & ah over my pretty toes, so it will make all the guilt that I feel for going at all go away for a while.

When was the last time you treated yourself to a special service (besides for your hair)? Did you feel guilty at all?

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