Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday - Disaster Avoided

Not only was it Thanksgiving this past week which we hosted at our home, the next morning we had a mini disaster & the washer started smoking mid cycle of washing a load.  The dryer was already on the blink, so it was time to bury them both & have a proper funeral. 

I've been querying people on Twitter trying to figure out what to buy.  Since there were a couple of Thanksgiving weekend sales going on, we didn't end up getting the Whirlpool Duets, which were not on sale, but something pretty comparable: A Maytag Front Load Washer Dryer Set. No pedestals... because they won't fit in our laundry room.  Momma is going to be quite happy as long as they work the way they're intended to once they finally arrive:

Photo from the Maytag website
Ok, watching the clock starting now...

It's Week 19 of my Stream of Consciousness Sunday posts. I made an unexpected trip to my old stomping grounds - a laundromat near the campus where I attended college.  My hubby laughed at me for going so far out of the way to wash & dry a water logged load of clothes, but it was a familiar spot & I felt more comfortable being there for as long as it took. 

The old guy working the counter spotted me right away & asked if I needed help.  He saw how little I had in my basket & pointed me to the smallest washers they had which cost $2.25 per load.  He also told me I couldn't just run a rinse cycle - it had to go the entire cycle.  For some reason I don't remember a timer on the machines or the fact that they lock till the timer goes off. but I guess it's a nice safeguard so that no one can just waltz over & rip off your clothes out of the washer.

Brought me back to memories from college when I'd go there all the time with my girlfriends who worked there part time.  There was a man there once who would wander around looking in ladies baskets for underwear & then he'd go into the bathroom & put it on under his clothes.  I can laugh about it because the guy was caught red handed once.  Strange things that can happen when you are stuck in a laundromat no doubt.

I'm bummed that I'll be without a washer/dryer till the ones we ordered are in stock, but it also makes me appreciative of all the things our family does have - so much we don't have to worry about that others don't have, so as we all know, it's important not to take anything for granted. So much so that I wouldn't mind if I had to make another trip to that laundromat.  It really wouldn't kill me. :  )

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Kim @ Illusion of Sanity said...

Yeesh. We had to buy a new washer and dryer this year and I hated every moment of the experience...UNTIL we got them delivered and installed. Now I say, "I love my new washer and dryer!" at least once a week. :)

Elyse said...

I still love our five year old "new" washer. I feel totally hip with a front loader. I know, I don't get out much! ;) Hope you like your new washer!

teritruly said...

I have front loading washer and dryer but they didn't come with someone to put clothes in and out of them...:(

Helena said...

Lol! The man going through laundry baskets has me cracking up! Laundromats make for great people watching. Have a great week and i hope u get your new apliances soon :)

Shana said...

Once, in the middle of a party, my mom was drying the towels we'd been using in the pool and the dryer caught on fire. She ran out right away and bought a new washer/dryer set. Not on sale. But she was desperate to avoid the laundromat.

Good luck with the laundry until your new washer and dryer come in! I hope no one fondles your laundry looking for undies!

all.things.fadra said...

Ooh! Pretty! We bought a new stove. I get so excited over new appliances. But I will admit, I wouldn't find much charm in returning to the days of the laundromat. Glad you found some fun and perspective in it!

Monika said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies. Monday is the magic delivery day & I can hardly wait. Had to make one more Laundromat trip today - to a different one a little closer to home but the people watching was just as good : )