Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: A Snowless Late December in Minnesota -

We can hardly believe it & this is still Minnesota we live in. When this was our view... we thought the snow was here to stay:
 Munchkin was excited to bundle up & get the sled out for the first time this season with my poor hubby on "Giddy Up Horsie" duty.

Despite all those people dreaming of a White Christmas in the Twin Cities, we enjoyed a brownish-green one just as much.

On the 26th of December the temp reached 52 degrees - a record not seen since the 51 degree day back in 1936. And even though Tuesday wasn't quite as warm as Monday, my neighbor was out cleaning up his yard of fallen leaves on the riding lawn mover.  It was really too good to be true.
A year from now we may have the complete opposite going on so I thought it's time to blog about it... or we'll forget it really happened this way.

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