Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday - Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Last week ended on a bit of a sour note at the office & it set the tone for my weekend which was unbelievably busy.  I've been trying to stress less about the things in my life I can not control & sometimes life gets the best of me.

So I stressed most of the day Sunday after a nail biter of a Vikings vs. Detroit NFL football game which the Vikings could have won...if only...but didn't.  I wrote a Stream of Consciousness Sunday post about the next day's event - taking Munchkin to his Kindergarten Assessment, which people have told me is no big deal, however - I know my child. I know him very well.

It really was a big deal...for him.  Of course I'm wondering if I was subconsciously sending off my panic signals all the while I was trying to be the cool, calm, collected & reassuring Mom.  The appointment turned out just as I had imagined it would... with an unsuccessful attempt. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy. We had to leave & reschedule to try again another day. It just wasn't the right day or time for him & he was not in the mood to cooperate - no tears or tantrums - it just wasn't meant to be that day.

I consulted with a couple of  friends - one who I met via twitter, who calms my soul & knows my pain since she has a child with a very similar temperament & who is close to Munchkin's age.  The other is a long time co-worker/friend & I often serve as he sounding board & sometime I need her to do the same for me.

I went from such a high after teacher's conferences last week with Munchkin's teacher singing his praises & letting us know that Munchkin is more than ready for Kindergarten & how moved she was by some of his work which she saved to show us.

She urged us to frame it & the keep it to watch how this complex drawing shows the seeds of writing sentences, to which my hubby & I looked at each other thinking... really?! She also explained to us that Munchkin had thought up an entire story to go along with this picture, so she was writing furiously as he told it that day, trying to capture it.

When Munchkin asked to do some "homework" after dinner tonight it was like looking into our future & knowing that the hiccup we experienced earlier in the week will pass & will resolve itself with a little time.

In fact the very same day, Munchkin's teacher said how he had explained to her that "he knew he hadn't done it right, that he hadn't been cooperative & that he didn't do what Mom asked him to." She explained to me that he was just "so excited to go to Kindergarten" and said "how much he loved going to the appointment." I was floored to say the least. But, I had an awakening after hearing those words.

I know Munchkin will be fine & will pass his Kindergarten Assessment with flying colors the next time.  One day, very soon, I will look back & say "where did my preschooler disappear to? We now have a school-aged child." And I know he will thrive.

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