Saturday, February 20, 2010

How do you feel about your Legacy?

Today was a day to relax a bit and just be a good Mom. I didn’t stress about the tweets I may have missed while I was out doing the normal Saturday routine and my dear son blessed me with a nice long nap, so that I could do some work on the computer.  Didn’t walk up and get the mail, but I was able to clean up a couple of website inboxes.

Tonight I watched another great and gutsy short track race by Apolo Ohno. He won his seventh Winter Olympic medal – a Bronze, to surpass Bonnie Blair’s previous record of six Winter Olympic medals.  She was even there in the stands, with her daughter, to watch her record fall. Today, Apolo’s legacy in history was carved in the ice on which he skated.  He looked relieved and so proud.

As I sat with my DS in his jammies reading him stories before bedtime I was pretty proud to be his Mom and to give him the gift of my unconditional love. I still feel like the legacy of my career is a work in progress, and I’m good with that. The legacy I’m leaving for my son, however, is well in hand.  Hoping you feel the same way about the legacy you are leaving for your family or in the workplace.

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