Friday, April 9, 2010

Life is all about Choices

Just finished reading "Linchpin - Are You Indispensable" by Seth Godin.  This book gets to the heart of where the culture of the workforce started & where it's evolved to. It makes you reevaluate the career choices you make & why you are the type of employee you are. It also provides a vision for changing things if you don't like what you see & want to become someone with "gifts" to share - someone with "passion, discernment, dignity, humanity & generosity." There are so many truths in this book that you can put in your leadership "toolkit" and use to become a better manager, a better employee & a better developer of self and staff.

Erica Mayer recently introduced her twitter universe to an unemployed & homeless man named "D J" who has been blogging about his experiences. Erica took attention away from her own fundraiser efforts for clean water in order to ask people to follow this man on twitter.  She knew how much we could all learn from his plight, as well as how much might be accomplished if people came together to support his goals.  He aspires to raise awareness about & find solutions for homelessness.

"...there's some correlation between the passion and the effort that people bring to a project and the outcome." - Seth Godin

Life is all about Choices. D J has a choice about whether to give up or to keep fighting the circumstance he finds himself in and he's choosing to fight - hour by hour, minute by minute - one day at a time.  If you get the chance, think about reading D J's blog which you can find via the above link to his twitter account.  You'll be given a few "gifts" that you weren't expecting to receive, plus you'll appreciate your life a whole lot more in the process.

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