Thursday, April 15, 2010

A taste of life on the other side

Twitter seems to be a buzz about good things happening to good people. Within the past week, I've read news about three people accepting new jobs.  Hopefully this is a sign that things are turning in the right direction in the Twin Cities & my turn for some good fortune will soon come too. 

Something very bad also happened to a family very close to us - they lost a portion of their home & a significant amount of their belongings to a fire.  There is nothing that I know of that could have prepared them for the shock & despair that goes along with a tragedy such as that. It will be at least 8 months before they will get their home back in the condition it was when they left home that day, but their minds & hearts will forever be altered.

When it is dark enough you can see the stars. - Charles A. Beard

Times like that call on us to rely on our faith to help us understand why good things happen to good people & why horrible things sometimes happen to good people.  If you're one of the people to whom something bad has happened you automatically think to yourself - why me? Why couldn't this have happened to someone else.  At least that was the immediate reaction of the victims of that fire. 

Once the initial shock passes, you are left with a feeling of relief - that you survived & that things could have been much worse.  It's faith that pulls you up from your knees & says: I know it's not clear now why this happened, but you are bigger than your circumstances & you will come out the other side a stronger person. It is my time to be thankful for the good fortune of others, and also to lend my hand & give strength to those who haven't been so fortunate.

The tulips opened up today - after a nice period of overnight rain.  It made me happy & very hopeful at the same time. It also gave me the inspiration for today's post.  Of course I wish I could take a taste of life on the other side right now, but it's not quite my time. I swear though I'll be ready when it is.

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