Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stream Of Consciousness Sunday ~ Time To Just Breathe

It's Week 16 of my Stream of Consciousness Sunday posts. Where in the heck did this year go! Can you believe it's almost Halloween?! The 2nd Spiderman costume I bought for Munchkin is now almost too short.  Thanks goodness for red socks & tennis shoes - no one but me will know. He's got two more times to wear it officially & then who cares.  I don't want to buy him a third Spiderman costume, but something tells me he'll figure out it's almost too small again & I'll have to buy him a third. There will be tears about it - from both of us.

I'm so grateful to have 2 days off from work, even if it's to spend money on my vehicle, which needed a lot of TLC in order to be ready for the winter.  I'm grateful that I found tires where I could get 0% financing for 6 months, plus a nice mail-in rebate.  Tires are one of those purchases you know you have to make, but it puts a big knot in your stomach knowing what else you could have spent that money on.

I did get my hair done on Friday... and I even let her trim it.  My girl literally put her hand on my forehead & asked if I was feeling alright. ( I always say "let's do it next time.")  She went scissor happy though, evening it out & adding in a few layers again but I'm okay with it.  I always leave feeling like it's too short - perpetually trying to grow my hair into long layers but it never seems to grow past my shoulders. Oh well it feels good & healthy again.

I'm getting nervous for Kindergarten planning.  I've started requesting info from schools & for the most part it's the logistics of it all as a working Mom that worry me so much.  I know everyone figures it out - but it's so much more difficult for working moms.  Before & after care, bus rides, shifting schedules - more expenses - more responsibility with homework.  The list goes on - but this is totally what I signed up for.

So much on my mind about my career, things we need at home, planning for the holidays & birthday parties coming up, the one thing I have to remember to do is take time to just breath.  Somehow it will all start to make sense - the best options will come to the surface making the choices ahead clearer. Doesn't it always?

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Kimberly said...

Cars are giant money suckers. Our tranny just cracked but it's still semi drivable...stupid cars.
My son is Scooby Doo this year and it took us forever to find a size the fits. He's three but is the size of a five year old! They grow so fast!

Mandi @ Southern Gnome said...

I think this is the last year I get a say in my son's Halloween costume. We went to fall festival yesterday and he was really digging the store bought one with cool masks and such. I'm sure I'll have to find creative ways to extend costume life next year. Visiting from SOC Sunday.

Helena said...

You are right :) just breath - it will all work out (maybe not the way you thought it would but it will!). I know what it's like to run from work to my son's school, do homework, go to speech therapy, etc etc etc. It seems like you never stop but you do it.Have a great week :)

Jen {The Wholehearted Life} said...

It *does* all work out...but yes...being a working mom does offer it's own unique challenges, lol.

Thank you for the reminder to breathe....sadly, sometimes I need the reminder!

all.things.fadra said...

I feel you. I had anxiety all day yesterday for no apparent reason. It can all be so overwhelming. I have to say that when I was a working mom, it was so much more organized. Not that I want to go back to that but I always had it together because I had to.

Oh, and i'm so glad you see the importance of good tires!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the randomness of this post.

It sounds like your little guy grows like I did. I was always growing out of stuff before I wore it, and now my girls are doing the same. Isn't is SO frustrating to spend money and then never be able to use it? It feels like such a waste.

teritruly said...

Halloween costumes are the bane of my existence...without fail...every kid has something go wrong or not fit.

I'm a working's so stressful...I can't tell you how many times I've had to do something that I didn't want to do...but it works out. I'll be thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's time to take that deep breath right now. It only takes a second to breath in then breath out. Okay, feel better?

It's been a long time since I've had to purchase a Halloween costume, but last night the youngest son, now 36 took care of his own!

Getting tires was a good thing and sounds like a pretty good deal.

Tanya said...

Hello, relating here:-). We should all take a nice deep inhale and release. Sometimes it feels better just to say it all and know you're not alone. Hugs!

Rose's Daughter said...

I am so worried about what we are going to do once my son gets in actual school. Aftercare, before care, we'll need it all!