Sunday, October 2, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday - The Fall Purge Begins

It's Week 12 of my Stream of Consciousness Sunday posts. I'm writing this on Saturday evening. My Munchkin is sacked out still in his Spiderman costume. My hubby is studying for his final CMA exam quietly down in the man cave. He's also noshing on some of the venison sausage he finally take out to cook after I told him I was going to throw it out. Mind you he hunts for Bambi every year, brings in more of the stuff & does not eat any of it!

Okay moving onto my triumph of the day: The Fall Purge (has begun.)

I am the worst about sticking to that rule: "For every piece of clothing you buy, something else must go." This mama loves clothes - no doubt about it.  I keep pieces with a sentimental attachment because of how I looked in them or for what occasion they were worn. Letting them go (even if they no longer fit) has always been very difficult. Paying a lot of money for most of them has been inevitable.  Buying quality brand names when it comes to business attire are the way to go - for the way they fit & because they don't look totally worn out after a season of rotation.

I needed to buy some new separates for work for this fall & winter because quite frankly my jackets are almost all too tightDon't ask me how the hell that happened & after my c-section so many gorgeous tops are just too short.  

I pulled out 6 business suits & 4 jackets/blazers for the last time & made my way to Edina Realty, a drop-off site for a wonderful organization called "Dress For Success".  They outfit women in need with outfits from head-to-toe in professional work attire.  I've been meaning to donate for a long time & finally today was the day.

I filled two more bags with clothes for Goodwill & dropped those off as well.  The third bag is slated for consignment - we'll see how that goes...Need to make an appointment during the week.
The best part of purging just that much?  It left me room to breath a bit in my tiny master closet.  All my clothes have to fit in the upper & lower section of one side of our closet.  I am a freak about saving space, so I use the Joy Mangano original Huggable Hangers, which I love.
Amazing what just sorting like pieces together can do to organize the space & make you feel a bit more in control as you start the work week.
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Lis @ A Trucker Wife said...

I love the final result of purging! but the process drives me crazy ;) Great job!

Author Mary J. McCoy-Dressel said...

Purging closets drive me crazy, too. I've done it without realizing it though. I found the best way although I don't recommend it. I've moved about 6 times in the past ten years and cleaned out as I packed. But you know, I still have some things I can't get rid of. Lord, I hope I don't have to move again to do more purging! Congratulations on donating to the Dress For Success Organization.

Anonymous said...

The whole process is maddening! However, the end result, for me...means more shopping! *No! It does not. STOP IT!*

I need to purge so bad. I cannot fit half of my folded laundry in my dresser anymore.

I realize...I have a problem. *sigh*