Sunday, October 9, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday ~ Soccer Mom

It's Week 13 of my Stream of Consciousness Sunday posts. It was a good sports day.  The MN Vikings pulled themselves up out of the toilet coming into today's game 0-3 & actually played 4 pretty good quarters of football in their win against Arizona.

Today was also Munchkin's final soccer practice of a very short 5 week session.  He started out the first day in tears, hiding behind my hubby & I, refusing to participate. Today he scored two goals in their game, & loved every minute of it.

I'm sure there will be more experiences like this where he is apprehensive at first & we wonder whether we've made the right choice. Thank goodness we know he will settle in & prove us wrong - thriving.

My hubby who was a "Doubting Thomas" after that 1st soccer practice, stayed home (my suggestion) for session number two. That bit of space & no pressure I'm sure did wonders for Munchkin's confidence.  He was so excited to come back & tell his Daddy he participated. The next 3 sessions, he wanted his Daddy there to see how good he could do.

So much of what we go through & ultimately what we teach our kids is about the mental game, pushing forward when we don't think we have what it takes to succeed.  

Just like our Mn Vikings who finally put their heads into the game, stopped doubting themselves & finally they saw the pieces of the game plan come together. I'm thrilled Munchkin figured out what he was capable of & made a success out of this first soccer experience. I am officially a soccer mom.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! visiting from SOCS. My first time here :) Congrats on those 2 goals! I understand what you are saying it is delicious to see them get through stuff and enjoy themselves. Something similar happened to my son with Karate. It is great to meet you and I'm now following you via GFC. Have a great week!

Good Girl Gone Green said...

Hope you are having a great week- end soccer mom! I will be joining your club probably in a few years!!! :)

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Woo hoo for being a soccer Mom (or whatever best Mom suits you!)

Always glad to read your SOCSunday posts... I can't quite recall when I started?!

LINZ36 said...

You are so right, pushing through is half the battle. I hope that we teach them to push through enough and they see things go okay then they do it without having to push them so hard the next time, right?

all.things.fadra said...

This was so encouraging for me to read. My 4 year old is so not into any sort of group activity and I would love to see him try something. I know there would be tears but I'm so glad to see how he's blossomed. Gives me hope!