Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday - Time Is A Wasting

It's Week 14 of my Stream of Consciousness Sunday posts. The day is half over & already I'm wishing it was Friday...again.  I know I'm getting older. And how do I know? I can't seem to stop time from flying by.  

We've been spoiled by a gorgeous start to our fall where the 80 degree temps lasted much longer than we could have hoped for, but now the leaves are falling & the overnight temps are approaching the 30's again & the highs only in the 50's.

Reluctantly it's time to say goodby to my deck garden.  A few plants are still bursting with tomatoes of all sizes & modest sizes peppers will all be harvested in a couple of days & will have to ripen in the house.

I'm filling up my calendar with appointments pre-winter & am stressing about kindergarten registration in the Spring. I need to get new tires for my old car & get it winterized as well. 

"Time = Life, Therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life." by Alan Lakein

So time is also running out for me to get my act together & make headway towards being worthy to wear this shirt that I bought from my trainer when I found out I was going back to work and could no longer go & have her beat me to a pulp for a hefty price.  

Hard to believe, but this used to be true & it will be again.
Since then I haven't exactly found time for me ~ to get myself back in "athletic" shape again. I quit the health club to save money. We got an elliptical trainer back in February, a late Christmas present that has since forgotten what I look like because I visit it so infrequently ;  ) 

I bought a pair of Levis today. Too chicken to try them on in the store, I tried them at home & sure enough - they don't fit - but... they are not going back to the store. They will fit by winter if it kills me!  This chick is back on a mission.

There are mountains of exercise videos gathering dust. Kettle bells, hand weights & tubes are calling my name. I have no more excuses...time is a wasting.  
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Andrea said...

I love that t-shirt!