Sunday, December 18, 2011

Stream Of Consciousness Sunday: Holiday Home Stretch

What a challenging work week.  I couldn't wait for it to be over so I could decompress. Don't get me wrong I feel very fortunate to have a job, but this one can really break you down sometimes. Time to focus on the week ahead - It's week 22 of my Stream of Consciousness Sunday posts.

How can this year be 2 weeks from being over...already?!  I took inventory of everything I've purchased for Christmas. (Pretty good shape!) I placed a rush delivery order for holiday cards which arrived Wednesday & I knocked them out in a couple of days, mailing the last batch today. Better late than never.

It dawned on me that I hadn't purchased gifts for Munchkin's preschool teachers & the director of the daycare, which I do every year.  I made a run to one of my favorite go-to stores @Homegoods earlier today & in 30 minutes had everything I needed as well as a couple more things for my Mother-In-Law as well as Sister-In-Laws & Brother-In-Laws.  

I am the resident gift buyer of the family... for my hubby's family. It always helps to do a good portion of the shopping in advance throughout the year.  I can not deal with the frenzy of last minute shoppers - Drives me bananas!

We were also a couple weeks late with getting a Christmas Tree, but we finally got it today.  I spent the better part of the rest of the day decorating it... and it's done, but now I'm worn out again.  No wonder it's almost 1:00am & I'm still trucking along!(I won't tell you how many times I was distracted by Pinterest though!) 

How are you doing with your own Holiday-Do Lists?

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erica @ expatriababy said...

Visiting from SOC Sunday! This is the first year I'm really getting into Christmas. I guess that's what having a kid does to you - it sleighs (haha) the grinch in you. I live in Asia, so doing simple things like getting a tree is totally major. But I'm on it this year. I might even bake cookies.

Robbie K said...

Visiting from SOC. I am barely started with my Christmas prep. It has been a weird year from us. We did get the tree on Friday and it is up and straight. Hopefully we will decorate today.