Saturday, December 24, 2011

Twas The Night Before Christmas...Once Again

I decided to take today off from work.  One day before Christmas Eve & I'm trying to decompress to prepare for the day ahead. I stayed up late the last two nights getting a jump on the gift wrapping.

This fiery Winter sunrise was the scene I woke up to...

...then I ventured out early in the day to get a few groceries for the long holiday weekend. We have no snow. Even though we got a little dusting today, it didn't last long - the sun came out & melted it all. This is the first year in my 40+ years that I ever remember having absolutely no chance of a White Christmas.

I made the easiest holiday snack possible - Rolo Pretzel Turtles.  They take no time at all & taste so good.  For those of you that know that I hate peanut butter & nuts in general in my food - this is different.  I actually love Turtles.  I love pecans in Turtles. Don't ask me why this one combination is different - I'm not sure it just is : ).

Munchkin & I wrapped gifts for my Mother-in-law, and godparents - five gifts in all. This was the first year that he wanted to help do the wrapping.  I let him be in charge of the tape. Earlier in the week at preschool, Munchkin had wrapped a present for us, that we will open Christmas morning. He proclaimed himself an elf & expert in tearing tape & taping the paper.  Lucky for me he did really well.  I was impressed. 

As we wrapped Munchkin starting telling me the words from "Twas The Night Before Christmas". When he'd get to the part where the reindeer names are - kept repeating the order until he got them right. Can you still name them? I admit I had to read them out of the book!

My hubby has a tradition of shopping every year on the day before Christmas Eve. After he quietly brought in his haul, while Munchkin was napping, hubby wrapped everything & put the gifts right under the tree. I was surprised - he didn't care to hide that those gifts were from Mommy & Daddy.

Me on the other hand carefully separates the things for opening on Christmas eve & wraps them all in white tissue paper. I then take the remaining gifts & wrap some in one pattern of paper (more from Santa). The other pattern of paper designates gifts from Mom & Dad. The little remaining things go unwrapped into the stockings.

In the morning Munchkin & I will bake cookies to be sure Santa's belly will be full. The reindeer will get carrots. We will go to Christmas Eve Mass & then spend some quality crazy bonding time with the in-laws. The tradition is that Santa visits the family while we are all together & all the nieces & nephews open Santa gifts at the same time. The older kids deliver them around the house to the younger ones.

I'm thrilled to be creating a series of  memory making events that hopefully will stick with my son as he grows & matures.  Hopefully those are some of the most important memories he have. 

To everyone who occasionally stops by to visit NightLight Journeys, I say thank you.  Embrace the true meaning behind the holidays. Remember why we are really celebrating.  Be thoughtful & kind to your neighbor, be generous with your time & money, It's our responsibility to do what we can to help those who are less fortunate.  

As I finish writing, it's now officially Christmas Eve... so Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all!

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