Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back To Blogging Day 4: Who Inspires You?

If you are hopping over from The Blog Frog & had your heart set on a brand new post, check back next week to read about a woman I only met this past summer - Danielle Pellicano, who I learned recently completed the Ironman in Wisconsin on September 11th. I'm cheating a little because I needed more time to write the "who inspires me" post about her. 

In the mean time, many of you may have missed this recap about someone who has been to hell & back & survived despite the experience. I wrote this post about a woman who had to deal with a horrific set of circumstances that affected her very high profile husband & changed their lives as a couple & as a family forever.  I had the opportunity to meet her, and was in awe of her strength & perseverance.  She is a huge inspiration to me, to so many military wives and women across the country where she travels to speak, promote her writing & their foundation.

An evening with Lee Woodruff - My SmartTalk ConnectedConversations Recap

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