Friday, September 3, 2010

Fun Tweets about the MN State Fair

If you've wondered what people might be tweeting about at the Minnesota State Fair, but haven't had time to check it out, I've gathered a little sampling of today's twitter conversations around the @MinnStateFair. I'll be attending this coming Sunday, so I should have some fun photos to share for a future post. I hope you enjoy these!

@UnplannedCookin  Some guy just proposed in @MinnStateFair swine barn. While she was petting pig.

@drewcarl Roommate @chriswschorgl lost his contacts in the Hurricane Simulator @MinnStateFair  

@joeyprivette: I am @smbmsp @minnstatefair My 1st #smbmsp want to meet IRL? 

@SkyGuy5  @MinnStateFair I found the choco covered bacon you pointed me at...thanks!  

@FrenchMeadow  RT @crazedprincess: Yum eating scones at @FrenchMeadow at @MinnStateFair  

@Minnesota_Swarm @Bisc27 Don't knock back too many (fill in the blank) on a stick. you need to stay in shape for the season! @MinnStateFair  

@BlueCrossMN  Do you have pictures from @MinnStateFair with our "do" groove guy? We want to see them! "Like" us on & share!  

@LAhopp  Pretty sure I got wind burn at the @MinnStateFair today. The forecast said "Crazy Wind" and it was very true.

@Natron44: Spotted these guys @MinnStateFair. Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure these are smaller than normal.

@OMyFamily  How cute is this? RT @MinnStateFair Today's Bride & Groom getting interviewed by the @963NOWradio DJ #mnstatefair

@mnbridemag  Fun! RT @DOksnevadPhoto: Today's bridal party just went down the Giant Slide @MinnStateFair!

@rachaelly  @MinnStateFair help! Where can I find chocolate covered bacon? 

@SweetMarthas "There's no place like home!" -Sweet Martha about being at the @MinnStateFair vs other fairs #smbmsp

@mattkoob  Omw to the @minnstatefair Woohoo! Must. have. camel. 

Of course I have to include one of my own:
@mrobin032009 @MinnStateFair It's been decades since I've gone, but this Sunday's the day for my 3 yr old's 1st trip. See you soon!

The best "Tweets in a Row Award" goes to: 
@quick13 Biggest problem with having #smbmsp in a tent @minnstatefair, finding nearest bathroom. 

@quick13 Seriously, anyone know where the bathroom closest to #smbmsp is @minnstatefair?

And the "Most RT'd of the Day Award" goes to: RT @BMJEWELL "Bacon is sex in the skillet" from Big Fat Bacon @Minnstatefair #smbmsp 

Update from 9/4 ~ Since it wouldn't be the fair without the agriculture competitions & more things on sticks: 
@andrewzimmern  Largest is 842 pounds  

@DeRushaJ  Getting ready to take pics at WCCO's State Fair booth. Preparation = beer on a stick.  

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