Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Last Minute Plans

It's Week 10 of my Stream of Consciousness Sunday posts. Sometimes last minute plans are the best.  I took Munchkin to one of his friend's birthday parties earlier this week & ended up having my son's best friend's Mom invite us to come to an Apple Orchard with them.  It's been on my "to do as a family" list, but we hadn't checked it off yet.

So Saturday morning we were on our way to the orchard.  It wasn't a huge drive from our home, yet it felt a little bit out in the country.  We passed horses, barns, knee high corn & plenty of dirt roads & fields on the way.

We picked two kinds of apples, including a variety of crab apple that brought me back to my childhood with it's fragrant, tender, sweet & crisp texture.  We also picked quite a few Honeycrisp apples. After a while, the boys were only focused on eating as many apples as they could at one time. Munchkin munched on three.

Then we went to find raspberries - a first for me since I never buy them in the store.  We searched high & low on the bushes for the darker red & very sweet berries.  Munchkin & I picked a pint. We also ate quite a few along the way.

After we paid for the fruit we picked, the boys waited patiently for a ride on the cow train. They had a blast - waved goodbye as they pulled away & giggled the entire time.

Quite the haul...Munchkin picked out the white pumpkin, along with a pumpkin holder full of apple juice. I chose a few more baking apples to take home. When hubby saw how much we bought - he said "I'd eat some apple crisp" ...and so I baked...

A fitting ending to a fun morning with friends that we are getting to know a little better each time we meet up. The sad part is that Munchkin's best bud will be gone in only a couple of years. His father is a resident surgeon who unfortunately will be taking an assignment which will move them out of state. They always give each other monster hugs every time they see each other & when it's time to leave as if they aren't sure if it will be their last.  For now, we will make sure the boys spend as much time together as possible, because life is short & memories like these are a blessing.

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Update 9/24/2011: CBS News did a story on Apple Jack Orchard & here's the link!


Jessica said...

I love last minute plans! And a trip to an orchard sounds like so much fun! Like you, such a trip has been on my "to-do" list for some time now, but I've not yet made it happen. I think I will now.

Anonymous said...

Apple orchard visits are one of those awesome things about fall that I love! I haven't been to one in years and this has got me thinking that I want to go again!

PS: That crisp looks amazing!

all.things.fadra said...

I love fall for so many reasons and for everything that you wrote about today. I love apple everything in the fall and now I want to go raspberry picking!

My son just started preschool and loves it. I'm so scared that we're suddenly going to sell our house and he'll have to leave everything he is finally adjusting to!

Ah. Life.

Anonymous said...

I hate losing little buddies. B's best friend from preschool moved across the country and I didn't even know!
Also, that apple crisp looks delicious :)